Monday, November 19, 2018

Stocks of the Day - Candlestick Triggers

A few stocks which triggered some candlesticks alert. Their ASX code and the particular type of candlesticks are labelled above the figures. They are all Bullish candlestick patterns.
The date is as of 16 Nov 2018.

BEN - Engulfing FXL - One White Soldier IGO - One White Soldier PIA - Harami

End of Day Analysis - 19 Nov 2018

BEN - went down by 0.88%
FXL - the candlestick reversal had strong support from the big volume. But it drop 2.5%
IGO - dropped by 0.72%
PIA - dropped by 0.92%

The overall market was down, hence these bullish reversal candlesticks were unable to rise up.

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